Critical Mass

Erin K Taylor and Matt Faisandier, 'The Convoy and The Oracle'

A work engineered to permeate through and beyond the program of everyday mundane.


Brunswick Mechanics Institute
Friday 13 September, 8:30pm
120 minutes

#criticalmass19 #brunswickmechanics

Wheelchair accessible


Image credit: Tristan Brooks


The Convoy and The Oracle

The Convoy is an experiential sonic:sensory project led by Matt Faisandier (processed electric guitar, voice) and Erin K Taylor (percussion, voice), conjuring experiences of embodied community and connection as an alternative to experiences of fear and capital, patriarchy and systemic injustice via improvised tapestries of sound.  

For this special performance, The Convoy will be sonically amplified by The Oracle: an immensely powerful multi-channel wall-of-sound system that has been developed specifically to transmit The Convoy’s multidimensional sonic collage into a visceral, dynamic and all-enveloping bodily experience.  

Created and Performed by Erin K Taylor & Matt Faisandier.