Critical Mass

Curator's Statement

Critical Mass is guest-curated by Onyx B. Carmine, who selected critical works under the theme of CROSSROADS.

“...The Crossroads is a space for conjuring: a confluence of energies through which we might materialise another world. The soil of the crossroads has been magically enriched by the footfall of travellers: we might go there to plant a charm or a lay a curse, to seek healing, to summon monsters, to dance with our Ancestors or with our future selves. The crossroads is a space for collisions and multiplicities, for devil’s bargains, a space where the past and the present coalesce and radical futures might emerge.

Works will sit at complex intersections and be made by threshold dwellers and liminal beings, who speak from spaces of tension and disruption.  The work will challenge and expand the boundaries of form, seeking to divert established pathways and political narratives - decentring, agitating, questioning and dissolving.”