Critical Mass


Brunswick Mechanics Institute, Blak Dot Gallery and Siteworks are looking for artists to activate their venues during Melbourne Fringe Festival 2019. We are seeking bold propositions from artists working across a broad range of experimental creative and cultural practices, including but not limited to: theatre, live performance, visual art, music, choreography, time-based and inter-disciplinary practice. Additional to the artistic program, we also welcome proposals for workshops, talks, screenings and other public events. Selected artists and thinkers will be part of a convergence of ideas and artistic programming which will take place within the Brunswick Creative Precinct.

Along with Brunswick Mechanics Institute, Blak Dot Gallery and Siteworks, guest curator Onyx B. Carmine will select critical works under the theme of CROSSROADS:

“...The Crossroads is a space for conjuring: a confluence of energies through which we might materialise another world. The soil of the crossroads has been magically enriched by the footfall of travellers: we might go there to plant a charm or a lay a curse, to seek healing, to summon monsters, to dance with our Ancestors or with our future selves. The crossroads is a space for collisions and multiplicities, for devil’s bargains, a space where the past and the present coalesce and radical futures might emerge.

We are looking for work that sits at complex intersections. We encourage the work of threshold dwellers and liminal beings, who speak from spaces of tension and disruption. We are looking for work that challenges and expands the boundaries of form, which seeks to divert established pathways and political narratives, which decentres, agitates, questions and dissolves.”